Here's a complete list of the new, revamped, or translated lessons and assessments that we've published since the last school year started (fall 2016):

Reading Like a Historian lessons
  •  Slavery Narratives
  •  Jacob Riis
  •  Child Labor
  •  Great Migration
  •  Mexicans in the U.S. in the 1920s 
  •  Women's War of 1929
  •  Invasion of Nanking (Spanish translation)
  •  Mexican Migration in the 1930s
  •  Appeasement (Spanish translation)
  •  Little Rock Nine
  •  Stonewall Riots
  •  Reaganomics
  •  NAFTA
  •  Kyoto Protocol

Beyond the Bubble History Assessments of Thinking
  •  Qing Engraving
  •  Haitian Revolution
  •  Jacob Riis
  •  Lewis Hine
  •  Children Working in Mines
  •  Pancho Villa
  •  Russia and Austria in WWI
  •  Dome Hospital
  •  Mexican Immigration in the 1920s
  •  League of Nations
  •  Mexican Americans in the 1930s
  •  Kathleen Cleaver Interview