Looking for Mexican American history curricular materials? Explore our newest lessons and assessments!

In the first new lesson, students read historical documents to investigate the position of Mexicans in the U.S. in the 1920s: https://sheg.stanford.edu/mexicans-us-1920s

Measure students’ ability to reason about historical evidence and argument with this complementary History Assessment of Thinking on Mexican immigration in 1920s: https://beyondthebubble.stanford.edu/assessments/mexican-immigration-1920s

In our second new lesson, students examine historical documents to answer the question: Why did Mexican migration change drastically in 1930s? https://sheg.stanford.edu/mexican-migration-1930s

After this lesson, use our corresponding History Assessment of Thinking to gauge whether students can draw connections between a 1930 letter to Congress and the Great Depression and Mexican Repatriation: https://beyondthebubble.stanford.edu/assessments/mexican-americans-1930s