Corroborating different accounts is central to what historians do when trying to determine what happened in the past. Corroboration is often difficult for events in ancient history because of the incomplete nature of artifacts. In this lesson, students corroborate an excerpt from a cuneiform tablet and a passage from the Book of Kings about Sennacherib’s siege of Jerusalem in 701 BCE.

Image: Relief of Sennacherib’s siege of Lachish in the Palace of Sennacherib. From the Hathi Trust Digital Library.


I used this lesson with 6th graders and found it to be very accessible to them and appropriate for their critical thinking abilities and needs. They had only done one other similar assignment prior to this one, comparing two secondary sources on the same topic, so this was a great next step for comparing two points of view on the same event and for evaluating reliability of the sources. One of my groups needed more scaffolding than the others, but they were all able to get at the issues. It also was a great way to review Assyrians and how they relate to Hebrews. Thank you for this lesson!
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